Chinese Medical Centre Nenagh
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Your first visit:

Many aspects of your initial treatment would be similar to a visit to your Western doctor. We take your full health history, along with basic vital signs. We then ask questions regarding symptoms, health, and lifestyle. We will also check pulses and look at your tongue, which are two important components of the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of diagnosis. The tongue is viewed as a map of the body that reflects the general health of the meridians and organs. We then use this imformation to perform a complete and accurate diagnosis of where the Qi (energy flow) has become blocked or imbalanced. Based on this diagnosis, the doctor will recommend a treatment plan that may include Acupuncture, Tailored Chinese Herbs, Ready Made Chinese Herbal Medicine, Massage(Tui Na, Acupresure), specific exercises, and dietary recommendations.

Heat treatment (Moxibustion,infra-red lamp)
Chinese Herbal Remedy
Tui Na (Medical Massage)
Allergy test
Gift Vouchers
Ear Candle Treatment
HomeServicesAbout usContact UsPhotosDiseases and CasesNews