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Pain and Stiffness ( Lower back)

A Better Way to Beat Back Pain?

Back pain affects one in three British adults, costs the country over £5bn every year and is notoriously difficult to treat. But now Britain's National Health Service (NHS) will be offering a new solution: acupuncture.

The ancient Chinese needle therapy has been around in the UK for many years, but this is the first time it has been officially endorsed by the NHS's advisory body, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Traditionally, doctors in the UK have advised back pain sufferers to stay active, do stretching exercises and take painkillers when necessary. In more serious cases some people are given X-ray treatment or injections with
therapeutic substances.

NICE, however, say there is evidence that acupuncture may be more effective than expensive X- rays or injections, so patients who have been suffering for over six weeks should be given a choice. 

Acupuncture Provides Long-Term Relief of Low Back Pain

 Case 1
The patient who is 62-year-old female nurse had lower back pain which radiated to her hip,  leg and groin on the right side for 6 months. The pain was so bad at night time that she need to take painkiller everyday. MRI scan showed: the disc prolapse of L34 and "wear and tear". She started electronic-acupuncture, cupping, heat and tuina massage treatment at Chinese Medical Centre in Nenagh on 24 March in 2009. When she got 4 sessions, she felt much better. When she finished one course of these treatment, the pain of her lower back and hip had completely gone away.
Case 2:
The patient who is 74-year-old female came to Chinese Medical Centre in Nenagh on 8 April in 2010 and complained her lower back pain "came and went" for 20 years. She got MRI scan which showed the disc prolapse of L45 20 years ago, then she took operation of the disc. After operation, she felt no pain at all for a few years, but the pain recurred when she worked hard a few years later. She took some treatment such as physiotherapy,massage etc.. it had little help. She did 2 sessions acupuncture, it didn't work. The pain was getting worse for 6 months now, and radiated to her leg and foot on the right side. her friend introduced her Dr Jane Zhang at Chinese Medical Centre in Nenagh, so she was here now. After consultation, she started electronic-acupuncture, heat, cupping and Tuina massage treament. After 2 sessions treatment, the pain had been relieved. After 6 sessions she had no pain at all.
Case 3
The patient who is 56-year-old female had lower back pain which radiated to her leg on the left side for 1 month. She complained that she sprained her waist one month ago and she was difficult to stand up from the position of sitting. She visited Chinese Medical Centre in Nenagh on June 3 in 2008. When she took 3 sessions treatment of electronic-acupuncture, heat, cupping and Tuina massage, her lower back pain have been relieved and the pain haven't recurred for nearly 3 years. She came back on February 10 in 2011 and said she got lower back pain which radiated to her hip on right side  after she hold grandchild yesterday. When she finished 3 sessions acupuncture, her lower back pain went away again.
Case 4:
Mrs Kennedy who is 48 years old had a lower back pain on the right side for 4 days. The pain radiated the back of her leg on the right side and accompanied by tingling, numbness of her leg and small toe on the right side. Because she got a good result  after she received acupuncture for sciatica 6 years ago, so she wanted to get acupuncture again.  It was on May 21 in 2008 that she first time visited Chinese Medical Centre in Nenagh. After she received 2 sessions acupuncture treatment, she felt much better. After 3 sessions, the symptems have gone away. But about 20 days later she had a lower back pain on left side, which radiated to her hip,leg on the right side due to worked too hard in her garden and fell on the ground. After she continued 10 sessions acupuncture, the pain relieved and didn't recur for about 1 year. She came back on November 4 in 2009 and because she was busy with looking after her mother, she got lower back pain again, but not too bad. After 3 sessions acupuncture, she had no problem on her lower back for over one year so far.

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