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Heat treatment (Moxibustion,infra-red lamp)
Heat treatment

The use of heat to treat disease, aid recovery from injury, or to relieve pain, Heat treatment is useful for certain conditions, such as ligament sprains, as it stimulates blood flow and promotes healing of tissues.


Applying heat to acupoints or certain locations of the body by using "moxawool" Chinese herb.

Heating lamp

Heating lamp is an infra-red lamp that emits energy in the infra-red spectrum to provide topical heating for the purpose of elevating tissue temperature, to increase local blood circulation, and relief of pain and stiffness associsted with minor muscle and joint.

Herbal decoction

A moist heat may be administered by soaking the affected area in a warm herbal decoction.
Heat treatment (Moxibustion,infra-red lamp)
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